The Right Wood For Your Custom Cabinet

An essential feature in making custom cabinets is the materials that one uses. Wood remains to be the preferred choice for most people. Having the right type of material accentuates the cabinets appeal and gives it character and for the user the originality and uniqueness of one’s design and style.

There is a wide variety of timber available in the market for one to choose from. Various factors determine the type of wood that one considers. It can include the function of the cabinet, the person who will be using it more frequently, the durability and finally the end vision of the space of placement for the piece.

What Is Your Type?drawer

Timber can be either hardwood or softwood. Hard woods are from broad-leafed trees and include oak, mahogany, alder, walnut, cherry, birch, maple and hickory. These types grow slower and can be costly. Softwood comes from needle-leaves shaped bearing evergreen trees and includes cedar, pine, Douglas fir, redwood, and spruce. Softwood grows faster and is less expensive that hardwood.

Colour Hues

Wood comes in a variation of colour shades and tones that enhance its unique appearance. An understanding of the colours will assist in selecting the best wood that will be right for your cabinet and space. The colour palates vary from light colours to rich, deep dark colours. Most hardwood tends to have a variation of dark red, brown and white shades. Softwood tends to have reddish or yellow colour tones.

Texture And Grain Pattern

Lumber texture and grain bring out character in a piece. Grain patterns vary and no two trees have the same markings. The crafted timber pieces once joined add a visual uniqueness and earthy natural beauty to your custom made cabinet.


Finally, finishing will enhance the appearance of your cabinet, increase durability and resistance to locked drawermoisture and other environmental agents. Take time to think through what type of finishing you would want on your custom made cabinet to achieve the desired results. Finishing’s that are in the market comprise staining which brings out the authentic wood. Painting is another way; applying a coat of paint to prevent dampness and rotting in the timber. Other options are oils, wax and wood preservers.

Once you have considered the above, then you can finally start your project. Choosing the right contractor is critical, one who is dependable and will deliver. With this, you will have your classic, elegant custom cabinet ready for use.